Web designers are doing things differently these days. Trends in social media and smart devices are dictating a lot of the moves that web designers are making. A host of new trends are emerging that are simplifying the way that developers are displaying content. The new wave of web design is constantly changing. The following shines a spotlight on the changes in recent web design that Internet users have witnessed so far this year.

Mobile WebsitesMobile Friendly Websites

There is no way to have a website in this day and age without considering the concept of the mobile website. Some people have completely abandoned their computers for smart devices that give them mobile access to the web. The average person will access their website through a tablet or smart phone more than they would connect with a computer. This has forced web designers to create mobile websites.

With a mobile website the format is designed to fit the phone or the tablet automatically. Users of the mobile device do not have to use their fingers to expand the text. It is readable because the design of the mobile websites are similar to apps that exist for these sites.

The Continuous Scroll

There is a continuous web page on a lot of new pages. This is a design that is often used by sites that provide news content. They can scroll down and get to new content as they get lower on the page. This has become one of the best time savers because it allows people to access more data without clicking on any new buttons.

Moving Banners

When people enter a website there are no more stagnant pages anymore. There are a lot of eye catching moving banner set in place. This has made it a lot easier for web developers to get the attention of users. These banners will often display an array of different photos.

HTML over Adobe Flash

More websites are switching from the long standing Adobe flash websites to embrace an easier platform of HTML 5. For years Adobe has dominated the web content of moving images. People that were interesteFlash-Vs-HTML5d in seeing sites with moving content would have to load flash. There are still sites on the Internet that use this today. The problem, however, is that many of these sites would not work well without some type of plug-in. If the plug-in is not updated the script would crash and the site would not work well. That is one of the biggest problems with Adobe Flash. That is why many of these websites have been revamped with HTML 5 scripts.

There were also some problems with getting Adobe Flash and some Apple products. This dilemma caused a lot of people to embrace HTML 5 early on. That may be the biggest reason for the shift.

Core Color

There are some websites that embrace the concept of one common color. That is how many websites are changing today. A lot of web developers are making a shift to embrace the logo colors for companies and leave everything else on the website colorless. This is something that makes the company brand stand out more.

A large number of sites have started to use this core color for navigation menus. The people that are interested in better branding for their websites will need to acquire a core color and use this like this amazing website builder free to use from dynadot. That will be the best way for an organization to separate themselves from the competition. It is one of the most effective ways to promote a site. This is a powerful new website trend.